How to increase your competitive advantages by offshoring strategy?

How to be successful in your outsourcing strategy?

How to setup and manage your offshore team?


Our main service is to help you successful in offshoring strategy which will increase your competitive advantage.

How to go offshore ?

  • Engage with the right vendor, in the right location
  • Use the outsourcing model that fit your company and project
  • Follow the work process that will assure success

How to choose the right location and offshore partner ?

  • Assure size of work force and quality of talent to fulfill your company requirements
  • Assure high level of infrastructure and facilities in the location
  • Assure the ability to communicate and culturally connect with the work force
  • Consider the overall costs
  • Consider Government support

How to manage the offshore team to maximize value and minimize overhead ?

  • Use an effective outsourcing model
  • Start slowly, build gradually
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress
  • Keep it personal
  • Understand and actively manage the risks


Smadar Lazarovitz

23 years of experience in IT industry (Amdocs Vietnam, Amdocs Israel, Amdocs US, NSI) with expertise in technology and team management:

    -Leading software development teams
    -Managing testing projects
    -Managing offshore site

Successfully managed teams of 20-100 resources

Exceptional experience in Team & processes building

Experience in Intergration management of end to end multi groups software testing projects

Experience in Client facing positions

Extensive experience in Test Consulting

Anat Abarbanel

An Information Technology professional with extensive experience in application development, encompassing both Client/Server and Mainframe.

Founder/Owner of a small business: responsible for the growth, stability, direction and everyday operation of the business. Tasks included hiring and managing staff, writing plans (e.g. business plan, marketing plans), advertising, and generation of profit and loss statements and other financial reports.

Solution architect: responsible for the overall design of the application and mapping client business requirements to systems/technical requirements.

Project manager: oversee the planning and the implementation of recording solution projects.



With a fast growing economy and a large pool of talent for the engineering workforce, Vietnam is becoming Asia's new technology hub. In the past few years, many giants like Intel, Samsung, LG, Foxconn, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Bosch, NTT, Cisco, Hitachi, Sharp, NEC, Google, Boeing, Deutsche Bank have moved their high-tech productions and outsourcing operations to Vietnam


Vietnam has moved from being an unknown destination to an emerging destination for software outsourcing.

"Vietnam is an Asia Tier 1 emerging-market location" (Gartner's Leading Global Locations for Offshore Services, 2014), Vietnam is listed in the Top Ten A.T.Kearney's Globla Services Location Index 2011, "Ho Chi Minh City in Top Outsourcing Cities" (Tholons, 2009-2014), Vietnam is #3 in global offshoring hotspot and #1 in competitive cost (Tower Watson, Services Offshoring Ranking 2013), Vietnam is in top 10 countries with most engineering graduates - reseach of World Economic Forum in 2015 on 128 countries (Forbes).


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